Our Story

In 2016, First Source Industries Inc. (FSII) was born out of CEO Joe Mariani's vision to optimize the second-hand supply chain and reduce landfill waste. With over 20 years of experience in wholesale electronics, Joe recognized the value hidden in items people often discard. From humble beginnings in his garage, established as a family-owned and operated business, FSII provides sustainable solutions to thrift stores and other second-hand merchants with Thriftii by FSII.

With the addition of Luxxcy by FSII, our goal is to expand into the luxury vintage arts, sports, and other memorabilia, providing timeless luxury to invest in. With a mission to find value in overlooked items, FSII has become a leading player in the industry, driven by our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Company Mission

At First Source Industries Inc., our mission is to revolutionize how society views and handles second-hand products. We strive to empower thrift stores, retailers, and other partners by offering tailored solutions that maximize their profits while minimizing environmental impact. Through our extensive network and expertise in the second-hand market, we are committed to providing comprehensive services encompassing every stage of the product lifecycle.

We aim to create a more sustainable future by reducing landfill waste, promoting circular economy practices, and connecting buyers and sellers across various industries. Our driving force is our passion for innovation, social responsibility, and the belief that every item has value. Together, let's redefine the second-hand industry and positively impact our planet.