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LUXXCY VIP Elite Circle Membership Plan


LUXXCY VIP Elite Circle


- Limited-Time Promotion.

- LIFETIME* 50% discount: $99/month

- Or LIFETIME* $89/month if paid annually (10% discount)

*As long as you are in good standing with us, you will stay at this low grandfather pricing.

Membership Pricing:

- Standard Pricing.

- $199/ month

- Or $179/ month if paid annually (10% discount)

Member-Only Discounts on "BUY-NOW" Items:

- Discounts on all Luxxcy by FSII "BUY-NOW" Collections AFTER auction events.



Member-Only Discounts on ALL Other Luxxcy Items excluding memberships:

- Discounts on all Luxxcy items, including online courses, ebooks, mini-courses, course modules, art and vintage item maintenance supplies, books, etc.



Advance PREVIEW on Vintage Items:

- First Dibs on new vintage collections.

- 2-day Advance PREVIEW Access

Exclusive Member-Only Early Access to Collections - BEFORE PUBLIC Release AUCTION:

- Twice a month early Bidding Auctions.

- Early access or sneak peeks into upcoming collections or newly acquired items before they are available to the public.

- Opportunity to "Buy-Now" when the option becomes available.


- 3-day Early Access Bidding and opportunity to "Buy Now" when the option becomes available before The "Luxxcy Curator Circle" Member release


- 2-day Early Access Bidding and opportunity to "Buy Now" when the option becomes available before the "Public" release

- Total of 5-day Early Access Bidding before the "Public" release

Discounts on "Buy Now" purchases made before the pre-public release Auction event.

- No discounts after "Public" release to make it fair for the public.



SECRET VIP-only Member Auctions to Exclusive Product Releases:

- Exclusive Auctions ONLY available to VIP MEMBERS.

- Limited-edition items exclusively available to VIP members.

- Members will discover rare or one-of-a-kind vintage items not yet available to the public.



- State-of-the-art eCommerce and AUCTION platforms.

- Secured and encrypted payment option with methods you know and trust.


Online Transparent Bidder User-Friendly Platform Features:

- Easy sign-up with connection via Google, Facebook or email.

- Secured bidder registration with verification for phone numbers and credit cards.

-Multiple Bids Fraud Scheme Safety Feature.

- Automated PROXY bidding up to the bidder's maximum.

- Text message alerts for outbid notifications.

-Email alerts for competing bids.

- Easy browsing with multiple displays and finding items quickly.

- Smartphone-friendly layouts and responsive design.

-Automatic end-time extensions to prevent snipping.

- Anonymous bidding for privacy.

- Secured and encrypted payment option.

- Free pickup at our Toronto, ON warehouse. Items are available the next day.

- User-friendly online auction platform accessible across different devices.

- Online auction platform that provides a seamless bidding experience for participants.

- Well-designed and intuitive online auction platform.


Luxxcy Private VIP Community

Exclusive Access to our VIP Member-only Private Community:

- Access to our Private VIP Community of Helpful Vintage Enthusiasts.

- VIP Member in-person meetups and virtual gatherings where members can interact.

- VIP members can connect, share stories, discuss their collections, and participate in exclusive events and activities.


Exclusive VIP Member-Only Flash Sales:

- Periodic member-only flash sales offers or exclusive discounts to VIP member-only.


Invitation to LUXXCY EXCLUSIVE Events:

- Invitations to LUXXCY V-VIP special events.

- Invitations to VIP-only educational events or workshops where members can interact with industry experts and gain insider knowledge- Invitations to interactive online events such as live Q&A sessions with industry experts, virtual VIP short-term auctions, or themed discussion panels.


VIP Treatment and Personalized Shopping:

- One-on-one personalized in-person shopping experience at our warehouse.

- Personalized recommendations based on VIP members' interests, preferences, and collecting goals.


Monthly VIP Member-Only Newsletters:

- Access our VIP-only member monthly newsletters featuring curated content, upcoming events, auctions, industry news, and exclusive offers for VIP members.


Interactive and Engaging VIP Exclusive Content and VIP-only Online Courses:

- Exclusive ACCESS to VIP content only available to VIP members in our community portal.


VIP Member-Only CONSIGNMENT opportunities:

- Let us help you sell your vintage, antiques, and memorabilia items to our online auction buyers. *Conditions apply

- Unlimited items to post.


Priority Customer Support:

- Dedicated customer support for VIP members with expedited response times and personalized assistance.


Partner Discounts:

- Partnerships with related brands or businesses to offer our members exclusive discounts or special offers.


Printable VIP PREMIUM Artwork or Posters:

- Access to MONTHLY VIP PREMIUM Printable, royalty-free, high-quality digital artwork or posters featuring vintage designs or famous artworks ready to print.


Valuation Services:

- Access to valuation services for vintage, antique or memorabilia items.


Vintage Item Repair and Refurbishing Services:

- Access to repair and refurbishing services for vintage, antique or memorabilia items.


Annual VIP Member-Only Appreciation In-Person Gala:

- Yearly in-person gala exclusively for VIP members to show appreciation and foster a sense of community.


Additional Benefits

Loyalty and Referral Awards POINTS Program:

- Accumulate Points to redeem for discounts on products.

- Bonus awards and rewards for successful referrals.


Luxxcy by FSII Rewards Credit Card:

- Member-only Credit Card rewards program.


Luxxcy Gift Cards:

- Members can choose any amount to purchase.


Printable Artwork or Posters:

- Access to MONTHLY Printable, royalty-free, high-quality digital artwork or posters featuring vintage designs or famous paintings ready to print.



Luxxcy by FSII VIP Elite Membership Plan

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FSII: Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you might have questions about buying wholesale used goods from FSII. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: What condition are the used goods in?

A: At FSII, we prioritize quality. Our team meticulously inspects and categorizes all products before adding them to our inventory. We offer a range of condition grades, allowing you to select items that meet your specific needs and budget.

Q: Can I customize my pallet selection?

A: Absolutely! We understand that not every business has the same requirements. We offer the flexibility to customize your pallet selections based on your desired product categories, quantities, and even specific brands or types of items (within reason).

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: We offer various payment options to suit your business needs. Please get in touch with our sales team to discuss the specific options available.

Q: How do I receive my pallet of used goods?

A: FSII works with reputable shipping carriers to ensure your pallet arrives safely and securely. We offer various shipping options depending on your location and budget.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: While we stand behind the quality of our products, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. Please get in touch with our customer service team to discuss our return policy in detail.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We encourage you to explore the possibilities with FSII. Here's how you can get started:

  • Select our Latest Available Pallet List: Visit our website for your convenience to view our categorized current pallet list.
  • Request a Quote: Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs and request a personalized quote.
  • Schedule a Tour: Immerse yourself in the FSII experience! We offer tours of our facilities, allowing you to see the quality and variety of our used goods inventory firsthand.

Embrace the Potential of Pre-Owned:

FSII is more than just a used goods supplier; we're your gateway to a world of sustainable and profitable possibilities. Partner with us and unlock the power of pre-owned goods to elevate your business and positively impact the environment.

Contact FSII today, and let's transform your business together!

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