Our Purpose

Our commitment lies in building a brighter future by enhancing lives, fostering environmental renewal, and cultivating strong, resilient communities. Our mission encompasses creating opportunities, championing sustainability, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and fostering closer community connections. Above all, we strive to empower our customers to maximize their savings, enabling them to prioritize what truly matters to them.

At First Source Industries Inc., we are dedicated to making a meaningful difference every day, shaping a world where living better is at the heart of everything we do.

Giving Back to the Community

Making a positive impact in our communities is at the core of our values. At First Source Industries Inc. (FSII), we give back and support those in need. Through our philanthropic initiatives, we actively engage in partnerships and programs that uplift individuals and communities.

From supporting local shelters and programs to providing resources for disaster relief efforts, we strive to make a meaningful difference and create lasting social change.

Collaboration with the Salvation Army

We are proud to collaborate with the Salvation Army, a renowned charitable organization, to further our shared mission of giving back. Through our partnership, we actively support the Salvation Army's efforts in providing vital resources and assistance to those in need.

By working together, we help divert usable items from ending up in landfills and ensure they reach individuals who can benefit from them. Our collaboration with the Salvation Army exemplifies our commitment to making a positive difference in society and fostering a more sustainable future.

Commitment to Reducing Landfill Waste

We are deeply committed to reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainable practices. We recognize the environmental impact of discarded products and strive to divert usable items from ending up in landfills.

We assess, thoroughly sort, and recycle the valuable products. We look to see if they need refurbishing and giving a second opportunity to be useful. We contribute to a greener and more sustainable future by actively reducing waste.