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First Source Industries Inc. (FSII) Launches Luxxcy by FSII, Entering the Luxury Market with a Commitment to Sustainability

Toronto, ON, Canada - February 21, 2024 – First Source Industries Inc. (FSII), a pioneering force in the second-hand market, is proud to announce its foray into the luxury market with the launch of Luxxcy by FSII, "pronounced Luck-See". As part of its expansion strategy, FSII is delighted to introduce Luxxcy by FSII, a brand dedicated to redefining luxury and sustainability in the vintage and classic treasures segment.

CEO Joe Mariani, CEO at the helm of this venture, whose visionary leadership has propelled FSII to the forefront of the sustainable marketplace. With over 20 years of experience in wholesale electronics, Joe Mariani's commitment to sustainability has driven FSII's success.

Luxxcy by FSII represents a new chapter in FSII's journey, embodying the company's sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility values. With Luxxcy, FSII aims to revolutionize the luxury market by offering a meticulously curated collection of vintage and classic treasures that celebrate the beauty of the past while embracing sustainability principles.

Luxxcy by FSII is committed to preserving history, promoting circular economy practices, and reducing environmental impact, even in the luxury market. Through its extensive network and expertise, Luxxcy by FSII seeks to redefine luxury by offering high-quality, unique pieces that resonate with discerning collectors and enthusiasts.

The launch of Luxxcy by FSII coincides with the opening of its inaugural auction, scheduled for February 28, 2024, at noon to March 8, 2024 at noon. This highly anticipated event marks the beginning of Luxxcy by FSII's journey into the luxury market, offering patrons an exclusive opportunity to discover rare gems, timeless treasures, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

CEO Joe Mariani expresses his excitement about Luxxcy by FSII's entrance into the luxury market: "Luxxcy by FSII represents a culmination of our commitment to sustainability and innovation. With Luxxcy, we aim to redefine luxury and reimagine the art of living by offering a carefully gathered collection of vintage and classic treasures that resonate with our values and principles."

Luxxcy by FSII invites patrons to join them on this journey of discovery, celebration, and sustainability. For more information about Luxxcy by FSII and its inaugural auction, please visit Luxxcy by FSII website or AUCTION@LUXXCY website.


About First Source Industries Inc. (FSII):

First Source Industries Inc. (FSII) is a leading player in the second-hand market, dedicated to reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainability. With a commitment to innovation and social responsibility, FSII empowers thrift stores, retailers, and other partners by offering tailored solutions that maximize profits while minimizing environmental impact.

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