Enviro Fresh Hard Surface Cleaner (118mL) - NPN 80094299



Product Details

  • Disinfect and clean hard surfaces, kills up to 99.9% of bacteria
  • Can be used for daily mopping and cleaning

  • Made in Canada


  • Shake well before use
  • Apply full strength unless otherwise directed
  • Remove all solid waste before using
  • Spray product from furthest point of problem and work towards the middle
  • Let air dry, wipe off excess with damp cloth if needed
  • For stubborn areas such as in tile grout, apply product, cover surface with plastic sheet or bag to slow down evaporation and allow product to penetrate the problem
  • Repeat if needed
    • Daily Mopping and Cleaning:
      • Add 118 mL of product to 4 L of warm water
      • Use mop per usual
  • If residual solids remain, remove with a damp mop
  • Never mix with bleach, vinegar, or any acidic cleaners

Active Ingredients:

  • Hydrogen peroxide 0.6%.


  • Cleaning agents, soap, surfactant, fragrance, citric acid.

Please refer to product's label for more information.

For those interested in bulk orders (orders over 10 pieces), please contact us at admin@first-sourceinc.com for more information.

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